30-Month Erasmus+ Project Launched

The aim of the Erasmus+ co-funded INFURI project is to spread innovative and sustainable circular business models in the furniture industry with the focus on SMEs and to equip furniture employees with relevant skills related to circularity, while promoting synergies and cooperation among businesses, universities, research centres and other relevant stakeholders operating in the furniture sector. The initiative will set up 6 living (e)labs in 6 European countries and involves at least 36 furniture production companies, plus relevant stakeholders active in the sector of furniture & circular economy of countries involved in the project.

Project Goals in Numbers


European countries in project consortium


Institutions forming the project consortium


Companies active in furniture & circular economy


Furniture SMEs employees to receive training


At least 3 circular product ideas created


Participants to the multiplier events


Stakeholders reached through dissemination activities


Subscribers to the MOOC at the end of the project


Book of lectures "Integrated competencies and systemic approach in the era of circular economy"




members subscribing to the Multi-actor circular network at the end of the project


Circular Procurement Guidelines for Office Furniture


Living Labs will consist a user-centered, open-innovation ecosystem, operating in a territorial context and integrating concurrent research and innovation processes in a private-public-people approach. Living Labs will be organized with furniture SMEs (both wood manufacturers and end-users companies) in the different countries with the objectives of identifying the key aspects related to the circular economy and qualitatively evaluate their level of maturity in relation to them.

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Massive Open On-line Course

The MOOC "Managing a furniture company in the era of circular economy" will be constructed around learning units and learning outcomes and will improve the knowledge and skills connected to circularity of furniture SMEs employees aspiring to managerial positions. The MOOC will be free accessible and open licensed.

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Book of

"Integrated competencies and systemic approach in the era of circular economy." The Book of lectures microstructure will contain detailed information about contents to be included in each learning unit (learning outcomes).

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Research Paper “Circularity matters: gaps, limits and constraint in the EU furniture industry". The “White paper: recommendations, opportunities and open challenges.”.

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Circular Procurement

Circular Procurement Guidelines for Office Furniture will provide practical tips and suggestions for the definition of circular procurement criteria for office furniture purchase choices, with positive environmental impacts and strategic benefits for those who will decide to adopt them.

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Hands-on training on circular design-thinking

The activity will be addressed to 18 European furniture SMEs employees (aged between 20 and 40 - 3 young participants for each country excluding Portugal). The main aim will be to transfer skills related to circularity applied to the furniture industry and to create business ideas for circular furniture products.

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Project Partners

Virtualcamps WUAS Materially Ciape Aidimme Crethidev Oigpm Ornik Step